Wedding planning Europe


Getting married in The Netherlands; a dream will come true.

There are a lot of venues in Holland for your destination wedding.

A romantic, industrial, rustic or extravagant venue; everything is possible.

You can choose from many castles, luxury hotels, estates, country houses, theaters, tents in a forest, a bohemian greenery, museums, classical or modern boats, a loft on the 16th and 17th floor of a tower in Amsterdam, a luxury beachclub and much more. 

Choosing a venue and the right suppliers can be difficult if you don’t live in Holland and don’t know what is possible. But we can assist you with that. Our wedding planner Astrid Blaauw has already organized a lot of weddings for couples who live abroad, but want to get married in The Netherlands.

Astrid takes care of the contacts with venues and suppliers and assists you with making choices. As a wedding planner she is your personal assistant, who will guide you on your way to a day you will never forget, by providing customized services. 

Astrid can also assist you with booking hotel rooms, arrange transport from the airport to the hotel en from the hotel to the venue. She also can assist you in putting together a program for you and the guests on the days before and after the wedding day. 

Herewith a quote of a couple from the US:

“From the planning, to the day of, to the few pieces that always linger after, you can count on Astrid to make every part of the process easy, enjoyable, and above all, memorable! She is a perfectionist that goes above and beyond to make sure every moment of the planning is as happy as the day of!

Above all, her contacts, expertise, and meticulous follow up made us realize that even in a country where almost everyone speaks some English, the local touch and language makes all the difference in the world!!”

En dan hier even kijken hoe af te sluiten en of er direct naar mijn website wordt doorverwezen. 


In February 2008, I started with my company Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events. As a wedding planner I assisted already more than 160 wedding couples with organizing their wedding day. Among those couples there were also couples who live abroad. 

Before I started my own company, I worked as an executive secretary and personal assistant and planning and organizing of events was always a big part of my job. 

In 2004 I got married to Vincent and we did all of the organization of our wedding day by ourselves. This was a lot of work besides our fulltime jobs. After our wedding a lot of people started asking me questions about how I did the planning and choose the venues and suppliers.

In 2008 I decided to start working as a wedding planner because more and more couples asked me for help. 

Besides my work as a wedding planner I like to read, go to the gym, have lunch or dinner with family or friends and do some shopping. In summer and winter, Vincent and I love to go to Austria for hiking and mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter. 


The costs are different for each wedding and are primarily based on the amount of work that is required.

After a first meeting, without obligation and free of charge, I will make you an offer tailored to your request, stating the activities and related costs. I work on an hourly bases. 


When you have chosen a date and venue, it is a good idea to send a save-the-date card to your close family and dear friends.

More and more wedding couples are choosing to spend the wedding day at 1 venue and therefore no longer have to travel from one venue to another in between. No risks of traffic jams of guests getting lost and more time to enjoy en to enjoy your wedding day without travelling. 

I always refer a couple to a professional florist who can advise on which flowers are available in which season. The florist knows all the details and can, together with the wedding couple, make a beautiful styling plan.

Children are often present at a wedding day. This can be all day or only during a part of the day. More and more wedding couples are hiring a professional agency to supervise the children so that they, as well as the parents, have a beautiful day. The nannies take care of the children and have a program with all kinds of activities. They can make sure that the children play an appropriate role at important times of the day and in addition they will make sure that the children will not be bored. Children simply want to play and it is great if that option is offered.

When selecting food and snacks, think of the guests you have invited. For example, if you are very culinary, but the guests are not, then it is wise to make a ‘safe’ choice. If the guests do not like the culinary food and snacks, they will not eat it and that is not what you want. Choose to enjoy culinary delights at another time; for example on the honeymoon and choose on your wedding day food and snacks everyone will like.

To guarantee quality, it is important to work with a professional. A professional brings along a lot of experience and good knowledge of the market. One can give advice in his or hers discipline and think along well. Thanks to the experience gained, a professional can switch quickly and unwanted situations often occur or resolve immediately.